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Creating A Great Financial Plan

When it comes to taking care of your home and family, a huge priority should be taking care of your money. A few years back, we found ourselves really struggling to make ends meet, and I knew that I had to do something in order to make things work. I started cutting back a little at a time, and I was able to find some extra money in the budget to start saving. This blog is all about creating an excellent financial plan and making things work with what you have. I know that these tips helped me, and I am confident they can make a difference for your family.


Getting Out Of Jail: 3 Common Terms And Conditions Of Your Bail Bond You Should Be Aware Of

28 December 2016
 Categories: Finance & Money, Articles

After being processed and charged for a crime, your only way out of jail is to bail yourself out. Often times, the bail amount is set rather high, and paying the full bail amount may not be financially feasible. In these situations, taking out a bail bond may be your best alternative option. You will be required to pay a non-refundable premium on the bail, which is usually 10%, and also be required to sign a bail bond contract that defines your responsibilities and obligations. Read More …

5 Things To Do Before Getting A Payday Loan

13 October 2016
 Categories: Finance & Money, Articles

If only money grew on trees . . . wouldn't that be great for when you need to pay for emergencies and other expenses and have an absolutely horrible credit score? Unfortunately, there are no money trees, and it's nearly impossible to get approved for a loan from a bank. But there are payday lenders. However, it's important to walk into the office of a payday lender fully prepared so your loan approval will be fast when you need it. Read More …