After A Domestic Violence Arrest: What To Do To Gain Freedom

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After A Domestic Violence Arrest: What To Do To Gain Freedom

25 November 2020
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Domestic violence is unfortunately common, but not everyone arrested is guilty. If you have found yourself behind bars and charged with this crime, it's best to take aggressive action to fight the charges. Fighting these charges can be a huge challenge, and trying to do so from behind bars is not advised. Read on to find out how you can be released from jail so that you can fight those charges from a place of freedom.

What is Domestic Violence?

If you are involved in a relationship and accused of simple assault or battery, the term used to describe the charge is domestic violence. Unfortunately, law enforcement feels it their duty to make an arrest when they are called to respond to a potential domestic violence incident. If you end up being arrested, it's vital that you don't allow your life to be ruined by false accusations. The punishment, if you are convicted, can be harsh, and you will have a permanent criminal record afterward.

Getting Out of Jail

You may be offered bail, and that is your only opportunity to be released from jail. If you have past arrests for domestic violence or other serious crimes, your chances of being offered bail are diminished. Domestic violence is considered a serious offense, and you may be considered a danger to the alleged victim. Those issues work against a defendant seeking bail. If bail is offered, expect the price to be high and for the bail to come along with a long list of conditions that must be met. If conditions are not met, your bail can be revoked and you can be arrested again.

Bail Conditions

Along with the high cost of bail, you might also be ordered to stay away from the alleged victim — even if they are residing in your home. Other common conditions include returning to face all future court hearings, not being arrested again, wearing an ankle monitor, and more.

Avoid Paying High Bail Prices

Your life is sure to be changed as a result of the arrest, but there is one positive move you can make when you handle the bail issue. While getting out of jail is important, bail amounts can be extremely high and many defendants are challenged to make those arrangements. That is why bail bonding companies exist. They pay (or guarantee) the bail payment, and you only need to pay a small percentage of the full bail amount to be released from jail. For example, if your bail is set at $75,000 and the bail bonding company charges a 10% premium, you only have to pay $7,500 to be free. Speak to a bail bonding agent to find out more about bail bonds – the inexpensive and easy way to get out of jail.