Manage Rental Properties? Why You Need To Be Using Affordable Housing Software

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Manage Rental Properties? Why You Need To Be Using Affordable Housing Software

12 August 2020
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If you manage a rental property, you need to utilize the right software. This is especially important where affordable housing is concerned. When you manage affordable housing units, you need to maintain accurate records for the government. Unfortunately, you can't do that if you're not using the right record-keeping methods. That's where affordable housing software comes into the picture. Affordable housing software allows you to maintain accurate tenant records. But, this software goes well beyond that. Here are just four of the reasons you need to be using affordable housing software for your property management. 

Ensure Governmental Compliance

When it comes to managing affordable housing units, there are certain governmental compliance issues that you must maintain. Some of those compliance issues include HUD, rural development programs, and tax credit programs. If your records aren't in compliance, you could face penalties and fines. Not only that, but you could also lose your ability to manage affordable housing units. Affordable housing software like Haven Connect makes it easy to document compliance, which means you won't need to worry about penalties and violations. 

Give Yourself Some Freedom

If you're not using affordable housing software, you may be spending too much time in the office. When you use a hard copy record-keeping system, you need to be in your office during work hours. That's because there's no other way to access tenant records. But, when you utilize an affordable housing software program, everything you need is maintained in cloud-based storage space. That means you can access tenant information from wherever you are. 

Provide Online Accessibility

If you manage a large housing unit or multiple complexes, you need to ensure tenant accessibility. This is especially important where maintenance requests and rent payments are concerned. If you're not using a software program, your tenants need to come into the office to make payments and tie up your phone lines to make maintenance requests. When you utilize affordable housing software, you provide online access for your tenants. They can take care of rent payments, and maintenance requests from an online portal. 

Improve Screening Process

Finally, when you manage affordable housing units, you need to be able to screen potential tenants in a timely manner. You also need to know that your screening process is as thorough as possible. The best way to ensure both is to install an affordable housing software program. This software allows you to screen tenants in a quick and efficient manner.