Strike It Rich Without Having To Get Your Hands Dirty: Gold And Oil Investment Options

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Strike It Rich Without Having To Get Your Hands Dirty: Gold And Oil Investment Options

3 January 2019
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You might have had big dreams of making a ton of money as an oil prospector or gold miner, but after looking into the processes, you've come to the realization that it is just too hard a job. There is a ton of dirty work to be done in any of these areas, and it's both a physically demanding job as well as one that requires a lot of time. You really need to go at it full speed, and many people are not in the situation to do this. Either you have other commitments (such as family matters that make this sort of labor and time-intensive jobs a no-go) or you already have a full time job and are only interested in a part time investment opportunity that doesn't have as much trouble involved. Here are a few ideas that might fit your needs.

Gold Miner Stocks

The old dream of heading out and finding a patch of gold somewhere with either a shovel or a pan is now just the stuff of lore. In the current market, most of the gold mining is done by large companies that have enormous capital behind them. They have both staff (people who know how to operate the machines) as well as geologists who scout the areas, and administrative people who will be there to help with all of the paperwork involved in keeping everything together. A good alternative to attempting to do this on your own is to invest in one of these companies. By buying stock in a gold mine, you will be able to be an investor in a gold-based operation without having to get out there and do the dirty work yourself.

Oil Project Investments

Many a fortune has been made by people drilling deep into the earth and striking oil. But this is both harsh and physically demanding work, as well as no longer in vogue. The current method of searching for oil involves huge amounts of machines and complicated teams of geologists and support crews (much like the mining for precious minerals like gold). These oil prospectors then sell that oil to other companies who refine it and put it on the market. This first step in the oil process is one of the best investment opportunities for someone who is looking to profit from oil prospecting. What you can do is invest in the company itself instead of attempting to go out and prospect yourself. With an oil company investment opportunity, you have a financial interest in the oil industry.