Getting Bail Money Back: Facts You May Not Have Known When You Posted Bail

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Getting Bail Money Back: Facts You May Not Have Known When You Posted Bail

20 October 2017
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Bail bond posting is big money for courts and bail bondspersons. It is not a way to get rich quick, as you may not see your money ever again. Say what? Yes, that is correct. Bail bond money is not a guaranteed reversal of misfortune. Here are the facts about bail bond posting and what you may have missed when you agreed to post bail for the friend or family member who is charged with a crime.

If the Accused Jumps Bail, You Do Not Get Your Money Back

Everyone knows this fact for sure. You really have to rely on the honesty of that person, and the expectation that he or she will show up to court on the day of his/her hearing. If he/she jumps bail and runs off, your money is lost and you do no get it back.

If the Accused Is Guilty, You Do Not Get Your Money Back

This one is something that most people are not aware of at all. If your family member or friend is found guilty of the crime for which he/she was accused, you do no get your money back either. The bond money is then used to pay all of the related court fees associated with your friend's or family member's hearings and trials. Ergo, if you expect to get your money back at all, you should be absolutely sure that the accused is innocent. (The only other way you can get your money back is if you sue the accused for the bail money after he/she gets out of jail.)

If You Used a Bail Bondsperson, You May Not Get Your Money Back Either

When you use a bail bondsperson, the bail bondsperson is supplying you with the means to make bail more affordably. You usually only have to pay the bail bondsperson a percentage of the total amount of bail required. This is the bondsperson's fee, not the money you post for bail.

Hence, you do not get that back either. If you pay the bail amount in full by securing the amount with your home, and you used a bondsperson, you may lose your home in the process if the accused runs off. If he or she does not jump bail, you may be able to get the deed to your house back, but not any cash you gave the court or the bondsperson for bail. 

Getting Your Money Back Requires the Perfect Storm

Getting bail money back only happens when A) the accused does not jump bail, B) the accused is found innocent, and C) you paid more than just the bondperson's fees for services rendered. Every one of these requirements has to fall into place. That is why you should not post bail with the expectation of getting your money back unless you are dead certain that the accused is innocent and going nowhere

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