Holding An Estate Sale? Use These Pointers

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Holding An Estate Sale? Use These Pointers

4 September 2017
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After a relative is gone, the responsibility of selling their things may fall to you. An estate sale can help clear out their home or another space while helping you and the family raise money for different things. The sale can proceed smoothly with the use of these pointers.

Make a List

Selling a great number of things is challenging in part because you want to get a good price without alienating buyers. You'll need to do some research into what prices are suitable, and that's why a list will come in handy. You will be able to take that list and start your research. You might also share that list with possible buyers so they can decide whether they'd like to attend the sale.

Take Pictures

Snapshots of different items can be helpful. You can take them to experts to ask about the approximate value of an item before bringing it in, and you can also display the pictures online and in various publications to raise interest in the sale you'll be having. Different angles and good lighting should be used in all the pictures you take.

Fix What You Can

While you don't want to spend too much time prepping items, if you know that some items need minor repairs and have them done, you can ask for more money from buyers and increase the chance you'll make a sale.

Clean Up

Even though the house or location might not have been yours, making sure that the property is relatively neat will be your responsibility. For instance, the lawn has become overgrown since your relative passed on, have it mowed. Ensure that the home or space can be walked through safely and that clutter or mess won't be distracting for those trying to make purchases.

Provide Snacks

If the home or location is large or you'd like people to spend a lot of time there looking through your offerings, offering light snacks or bottled water is smart. That way, they won't have to leave for refreshments and they can feel a bit more at home and eager to linger and buy. You could charge a small amount for snacks, which would help raise even more money.

An estate sale can be done better when you pay attention to the prep suggestions above. Talking with companies that offer estate sale services, like Remember When Estate Sales, LLC, is also a good idea; their expertise can make the sale go even better.